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Best Marin Family Photographer: Capturing Timeless Memories for Generations to Come

Marin Family Photographer

Are you searching for a Marin family photographer who can capture your family’s unique story? Look no further than Julie Optende Photography! As a skilled photographer, I specialize in capturing light and airy but timeless and natural photos that your family will cherish for years to come.

Mother with baby in lavender field captured by a Marin family photographer

My Approach to Family Photography

I believe that family photos should be fun, stress-free, and enjoyable for everyone involved. As a former teacher, I have a natural talent for working with kids and making them feel at ease in front of the camera. I love to capture the natural interactions and expressions of your family, creating a visual story that is unique to you. My goal is to make sure everyone is relaxed, comfortable, and having a great time during the photoshoot.

Creating Wall Art for Your Home

One of the things that sets me apart as a Marin family photographer is my passion for creating beautiful wall art for your home. I love to help my clients choose the perfect prints and photos to showcase in their home, creating a space that truly reflects their family’s personality and style. From large canvas prints to custom-framed photos, I can help you select the perfect pieces to display in your home.

My Style

My style is all about capturing natural, authentic moments in a light and airy, timeless way. I use natural light to enhance the beauty of your family and create photos that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Clothing can play a significant role in how your photos turn out, so I’m happy to provide tips and suggestions to help you choose the perfect outfits. I recommend light or neutral colored clothing with solid patterns. For women, long, flowing dresses that create movement can be particularly stunning.

Outfit Coordination

I understand that choosing the perfect outfits for your family can be stressful and time-consuming. That’s why I’m happy to help you coordinate your outfits so that they flow with my style and with each other. I can offer suggestions for colors, patterns, and styles that will look great on camera and complement your family’s unique look and feel.

Choosing the Perfect Location

Another important aspect of creating beautiful family photos is choosing the perfect location. I have an extensive knowledge of the Marin area and can help you choose the perfect spot for your family photos. From beachside locations to rolling hills, Marin County offers a variety of beautiful locations that will make the perfect backdrop for your family photos.

What to Expect During Your Photoshoot

During your photoshoot, you can expect a fun and relaxed atmosphere. I’ll work with you and your family to capture a variety of posed and candid shots, making sure to include all the little moments that make your family unique. I’ll guide you through the entire process, helping you to feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera.


If you’re searching for a Marin family photographer who can capture the essence of your family in a timeless and natural way, look no further than Julie Optende Photography. From my light and airy style to my passion for creating beautiful wall art, I can help you create memories that will last a lifetime. So why wait? Schedule your family photoshoot today and let’s create something beautiful together!

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